Why does QuickBooks Update Error 15106 occur?

While updating the QuickBooks or payroll, do you also encounter the QuickBooks Update Error 15106? Let us help. The problematic 15106 error in QuickBooks emerges from many factors and causes users to lose their valuable time.

Since you’re also dealing with the same, this informative article will help you fix the QuickBooks 15106 update error and prevent it from recurring. So, let’s begin.

What Causes QuickBooks 15106 Update Error To Emerge?

This error generally shows up when users perform their payroll or QuickBooks update. The system throws an error code as Error: 15106 (QuickBooks Can’t Update).

The following causes for QuickBooks Update Error 15106 will enable users to understand this error and stop it from recurring again.

1: No Administrative Privileges: Admin rights are essential for making any system changes. Hence, no admin rights lead to errors in the QuickBooks update process causing the 15106 error code.

2: Strict User Account Control: The UAC setting in your system prevents the software from working properly. Therefore, it should not be set to high settings as it may cause QuickBooks to stop the update process.

3: Corrupt QuickBooks Components: The components of QuickBooks can become corrupt due to system faults or malware. Therefore, causing the QuickBooks 15106 update error.

4: Faulty Antivirus: If your system has an antivirus that misidentifies QuickBooks for a threat, it will delete some of its crucial components and lead QuickBooks to show the 15106 error code.

Fix QuickBooks Error 15106 In 5 Easy Steps

Now that the causes behind QuickBooks Update Error 15106 are clear, let’s explore how to solve this error in easy ways. Furthermore, prior to performing these steps, make sure to run a system restart then apply these steps chronologically.

Step 1: Verify Admin Rights

To ensure the admin rights for making changes and updating the QuickBooks without facing any error, perform these:

  • First, launch “Run-Dialog” using “Windows” and “R” keys.
  • Then, start typing “Control Panel” and choose to tap “Ok”.
  • Next, reach “User-Accounts” and again tap the “User-Accounts”. كم بطولات مانشستر سيتي
  • After that, confirm the name beneath the “User-Accounts”.
  • Finally, make sure it shows “Administrator” under the name.

Now in case you’re not an administrator, make sure to log in to the system with admin rights. Thereafter, continue with the next step.

Step 2: Disable UAC

The User Account Control configuration can remove the QuickBooks Update Error 15106 from the system easily. Here’s how:

  • To start, hold “Win” plus “R” and enter “Control Panel”.
  • Next, click “Ok” then launch “System & Security”.
  • Now, visit “Security-Maintenance” along with “User-Accounts”.
  • Then, select “Change-Users-Account and “Yes”.
  • Finally, use the slider for the “Never Notify” option.

Now the UAC is disabled and you need to disable your antivirus by completing the next step.

Step 3: Temporarily Disable Your Antivirus

The next step is to disable the antivirus temporarily. It’ll allow QuickBooks to work properly. Follow these:

  • First, quit “QuickBooks” and hold “Windows” with “R”.
  • Thereafter, input “Task Manager” and launch it.
  • Next, under the “Processes” tab, select your antivirus with .exe at last.
  • Now, tap the antivirus and click “End-Task”. spinpalace casino

By now, your antivirus is disabled temporarily and you need to rename the QB Folder.

Step 4: Rename Your QuickBooks Folder

Renaming the QuickBooks folder causes it to refresh and repair itself. Hence, perform the below-stated instructions to rename the QuickBooks folder and fix QuickBooks Error 15106 efficiently. 1*bet

  • To begin with, launch “My Computer”.
  • Then, reach “C: Drive” and open these folders:
  • 1- “Program Files”.
  • 2- “Intuit”.
  • 3- “QuickBooks”.
  • 4- “Components”.
  • Thereafter, right-click the “DownloadQB20XX” folder.
  • Next, tap “Rename” and add (OLD) without brackets.
  • Finally, press “Enter” to rename the folder.

Now, after you finish all these steps, try updating the payroll or QuickBooks and you won’t be facing the QuickBooks 15106 update error anymore. However, if the problem persists then apply our final method in this list.

Step 5: Run Selective Startup Then Clean Install Your QuickBooks

The final step to fix QuickBooks 15106 Error involves downloading the QuickBooks Clean Install Tool on the system. After downloading the tool, follow these:

  • First, backup your important company files and keep the QuickBooks License key handy.
  • Then, shut down all background activities and press “Windows” and “R”.
  • Next, input “MSConfig” into the field and press “Enter”.
  • After that, reach “General” to click “Selective-Startup”.
  • Now, click “Services” while marking “Hide All MS-Services”.
  • Finally, “Apply” recent changes and hit “Ok”.

Note: Now that you’re in selective startup, launch QuickBooks Clean Install Tool for installing a fresh QuickBooks and switch back to “Normal-Startup” by below steps;

  • First, click “Start” and input “Command”.
  • Then, press “Enter” to launch it.
  • Next, type “MSConfig”.
  • Thereafter, tap “Ok”.
  • Afterwards, select “General”.
  • Finally, choose “Normal-Startup”.

Finally, restart your system then launch QuickBooks to update the payroll or software. The QuickBooks 15106 Update error should now be fixed.

Wrapping Up

Hopefully, the QuickBooks Update 15106 Error will not trouble you anymore. The content presented in this article is taken from our trusted sources. Furthermore, we’ve tested the above-mentioned steps for resolving the QuickBooks Updater Error 15106.


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