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Why is FB not Working Today?

by onlinegeeks

Regarded as the best social media platform by tons of people, Facebook has been a way of communicating with your friends and loved ones for more over than a decade.  

Even though the platform has great features and filters, many users have turned up and complained about the fact that they are unable to access their account while some said that the app is taking forever to load. 

Is Facebook down? In today’s blog, we will be discussing what’s wrong with Facebook.

Ways to fix is Facebook down today error

  1. You need to check if the version of the app that you are using is up to date. In case you are not using the latest version, just visit the play store or the app store to get it as older versions may lead to a crash.
  1. The storage left might also play a key role in determining whether Facebook is down or not, since if you have a total of less than 100 MB on your device, then you need to clear up some space to update the app to fix this error.
  1. In case you are trying to access your Facebook account on an android device, you might want to clear the app cache from the management tab in the settings of your device. The app keeps accumulating data which in turn leads to this error at times. If you are an IOS user, you have nothing to worry about as the system will do that on its own.
  1. Need to keep in mind the fact the page will not load unless you have a strong and stable internet connection. You can try to either reconfigure your WI-FI or you can try to switch your internet service.
  1. You can try the traditional way where you will have to log out from your account and then restart your device as that may fix this error.
  1. Try to look for any updates to your user interface as that may also resolve this issue.

In case Facebook is not working on a desktop browser, use the steps given below;

  1. Try to switch to a different browser if you think that the current one is causing all this trouble.
  1. You may need to check if the web browser is compatible and if it is not then you may have to update it according to the needed specifications.
  1. Although this may seem quite simple, clearing your cache files may also help in fixing this error.
  1. You need to make sure to remove all the third-party apps and plug-ins. Once you do this, check to see if this resolves the Facebook error.
  1. If none of the above-mentioned methods work, then you may need to visit the help community of Facebook.

You can use these ways to fix the Facebook down issue on both android and windows platforms.

For more info, you may contact the Facebook help center.

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Thanks for sharing, keep in touch. And keep adding more valuable articles.

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