Why Marketing is Best Role-based Career for Data Scientists in 2021

Data Analytics has found its application in numerous business domains, and Marketing is one of them. Today’s data science professionals are found to be more attracted to Marketing roles than simply technical jobs. In this article, we have pointed out why?

Reason 1: Marketing is coolest gig job ever

As we head into a 100% gig economy, where more and more top line executives are working from home, things are rosy for data science team members as well!

Data Scientists certified from the top data science courses were among the first to start working from home, adapting to the changing data management demands with agility and flexibility, naturally unseen in any other department of the organization, except for those serving Marketing and Sales roles. The natural boding between these three roles has brought in a sense of reliability and worthiness, which seems to benefit the young data science professionals more than managers and Executives in Marketing and sales.

Reason 2: It still pays well — but Marketing is King Maker

Great data scientists are not only good product engineers, but also play a significant role in the promotion and advertising of their products. The various ways in which data science course candidates hone their skills in the marketing, include the following activities:

  • Public speaking or Keynote speakers in Conferences and Virtual events
  • Blog writing and technical video making
  • Video logging their product development roadmap
  • Webinars and podcasts
  • Starting their own company to push product adoption in new markets

In the pre-COVID-19 days , what the head of Marketing or a Director of Marketing of the company would be doing, is now easily recreated by the data science executives, thereby helping the organization save tons of data from getting leaked, and the millions of dollars that are spent to promote the CMO or head of departments through product information to PRs and media outlets.

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Reason 3: Because, Experts Say So —

Out of 1500 data scientists we have spoken to or have interviewed for our various educational pieces, nearly 67% or 1000 were of the opinion that they do a task that would deem them to be Head of Marketing of their respective organizations. Nearly 45% or 450 of them felt that data science course is also a very viable opportunity for data scientists and analysts to kick off their career aspiration in Marketing, Sales and Customer support teams, in any high growth technology organization or enterprise.

Reason 4; The Bumpy Ride

Nobody knows how the data works and behaves in the pandemic, except for the data science executives. A sincere IT analyst from data science course is most likely to use his / her experience with challenging situations from previous roles and responsibilities than an average engineer or data analyst.

It is most important to define data, before others in the competition do so, resulting in your loss, financially and opportunity- wise.


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