Why Node.js is Preferred Choice for Mobile App Developers and Businesses


The mobile app market is thriving as every day around 6000 apps are published on Google Play alone. Globally, many companies are eager to avail the advantage of mobility through a customized app. In such a scenario, it is inevitable for the mobile application development company to find the customized application framework that can reduce TTM (Time to Market) for a business app.

As competition compels businesses to have enterprise-grade mobile apps, it is also necessary to come up with the same before your competitors. There, a JavaScript-based framework Node.js can lend a helping hand. It can make rapid app development possible for your company and you can give more time to promote your app while leveraging the benefits of early entry in the market.

What is Node.js?

Node.js is a server-side JavaScript runtime environment for building scalable apps. It is useful for developing real-time mobile apps like gaming and chat apps. It can also build robust web apps. As an open source, cross-development platform, Node.js can help you save time and money while having a feature-rich mobile application.  

Which companies use Node.js?

A few of the top companies like Netflix, LinkedIn, Uber, PayPal, and eBay count on Node.js for developing their applications.

Node.js app development is certainly a part of both iOS and Android app development services offered by reliable development companies.

Following are the reasons why the above-mentioned companies and many other prefer Node.js for developing cross-platform mobile apps.  

Benefits of Node.js

  • Instant App Development

Well, this is the first and foremost benefit of Node.js platform. Whether you hire iPhone app programmers or Android developers, it is always better that your app takes less time in development. It can assist you to avail an advantage of early entry in the market and give more time in promoting your app. PayPal is an example of it.

Few lines of code, cross-platform collaboration and other development-friendly features of Node.js platform enable developers to develop customized apps in a short time. The platform also gives sufficient time to the developers for testing and quality analysis. In a way, rapid app development is useful for businesses and developers alike.

  • Easy Coding for Customization

Node.js provides an excellent ecosystem for developing a robust Android or iPhone app development solution. It allows server-side development while enabling the developers to code in JavaScript. In a way, it makes data transfer between the client and server easy for better coordination.

Also, easy coding enables developers to customized the Node.js apps easily as and when necessary. It means that you can readily add or modify the features in your business app for meeting changing requirements easily. What’s more, many cloud platforms are also compatible with Node.js, so you can get a seamlessly-performing web app also using this framework.

  • Rapid App Development Process

Be it a mobile app or web app, Node.js has made the app development process faster thanks to Google’s V8 engine. Node.js can also enable developers to create applications that can readily address multiple parallel connections without impairing performance. Its JavaScript-based framework does not only develop apps rapidly but also provide native-like experience.

Node.js platform also eliminates the problems regarding independent threads. Instead, it uses a single subprocess or the event loop.

  • Modular Design

Both iOS and Android app developers find Node.js app development very interesting with easy code and modular design. Also, the platform needs fewer lines of code as compared to other frameworks. Node.js is a robust platform to make apps that can manage many requests a second. It can reduce the response time by thirty-five percent as well.

Modular design enables the mobile app developers to build Node.js apps within 30 days (basic app). Chat, games, and other real-time apps can get a great support from a modular design. In a way, the modular design makes the entire Node.js ecosystem more interesting, scalable, and flexible.

  • Robust Community Support

As Node.js is an open-source platform, it has a huge community support. The Node.js community consists of expert app developers. If we talk from the developers perspective, the framework has rich resources like NodeSource that offer a live demo of product environment thanks to N|Solid.

NodeSource is a rich source of information like what HortonWorks is to Hadoop. It can give an instant support, provide resources, and resolve Node.js problems for the developers. Even entrepreneurs can get useful information from NodeSource.

  • Dynamic NPM (Node Package Manager)

One of the biggest advantages of Node.js is its dynamic Node Package Manager. It is the main ecosystem that currently manages over 300,000 packages. It is about to surpass the RoR (Ruby on Rails) platform. Every day, over 300 new packages have been added to this platform. This number is at least three times more than any other ecosystems.

The super fast NPM also assists app developers to handle the dependency management. Dependencies can make the apps easier to utilize and embrace the changes and features.    

  • Higher Productivity

One of the major reasons for the growing popularity of Node.js is the apps made through this platform are high on scalability and productivity. NodeJS programmers can address the business requirements with ease as both frontend and backend development is JavaScript-based and ensure a smooth workflow.

If a rapid app development for multiple platforms is all you need for your business, Node.js can be your preferred platform.

Concluding Lines

Apart from these benefits, Node.js-based app development can help us solve all the database queries. As new NoSQL databases have JavaScript framework, the Node.js-based apps can readily remain compliant with these databases. Also, you can get a user-friendly dashboard with the Node.js apps to monitor and understand the visitor’s activities with ease.

At Solution Analysts, we develop and deliver customized business apps using different app development frameworks. As a leading mobile application development company, we suggest the right development platform to the clients as per their business requirements and market trends.



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