Why Pokemon is getting Viral Success, this is the reason

What is going on?

Everyone on the earth is talking about Pokemon Go now and suddenly if you hear a voice -Yes, Caught It! THEN  you can relate that voice with a similar story of pokemon Go and it’s huge- huge success.

Hold your breathe guys because now we are going to introduce you with this Pokemon go. And stop rolling your eyes. This is the game that not only kids are playing but the people from minor to major age groups are picking it up.

Yes, It can be dangerous.

Friends you will be amazed that uber drivers are being hired for this incredible game and bosses in many companies are facing good amount of distraction in the work, as everyone is trying to catch pokemon. Along with the danger of accidents it is very much adventure and at the same time people are coming out of their houses so it can prove a big change in the digital world.

But, What the hack is this Pokemon?

It is nothing but an augmented reality game, and the best part is, it is very easy to play. Just download it for free and go out to your nearest landmark, and play. There are prize also but you need to walk up to them. There is more to the game but all the aspects are basic and based on your android app- Walk, collect and capture.

One of the best feature of this pokemon go is you can go anywhere and can play as you wish.

“People might not walk to you and start talking to you, but if you are playing then anyone can start a conversation with you, now”, Said the Makers of the game. And actually it is bringing people together.


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