Why Safety Clothing and Equipment is Mandatory for The Oil & Gas Industry

No matter what line of business you’re in there is one thing consistent in all the fields. Wherever you go or work you need to consider that factor on a regular basis. Yes, I’m talking about safety. Everyone is responsible for their own safety. Then at the same time,they are responsible for others. Similarly, if an organization has a large number of workers, they are supposed to work on their safety and take precautionary measures on a permanent basis to avoid accidental issues.

Accidents happen, there’s no doubt about that but, if they are happening because of our carelessness and ignorance then it needs to be taken care of. Otherwise, things will never get in control and people will not feel secure and safe especially in an environment where safety equipment is necessary to work on a daily basis. People will start quitting your platform if you’re running an organization, company or industry.

If we talk about Safety Clothing and Equipment that is experienced mostly in the Oil and Gas Industry where there is always a risk of danger. To work in such an industry, workers, labors and other employees in the special area are supposed to wear special safety kit in their daily work routine on a mandatory basis. To know what type of Clothing and Equipment thatis; we need to go through theprotective gear used.


Special Clothing

To work under risky and dangerous circumstances, normal regular Clothing and Equipment are not advised. For that, a special line of fire-resistant clothing is supposed to be worn during work.


FR Clothing

FR stands for Fire or Flame Resistant. It is made with a distinct fabric designed to provide precautions for various workers in the Oil and Gas Industry,especially in the fire-related environment. FR Clothing is further divided into two more forms known as Fire Resistant Clothing and Fire Retardant Fabric. In both kinds, there is a difference that should be known.So, let’s review the two types:

Fire Resistant Clothing

This type especiallyresists fire. They hardly catch fire and once it is caught the material is self-extinguishable to get rid of it. During ignition, the clothing prevents the body fromfire or its heat and that’s the main objective; to minimize the level of such burn injuries.

Fire Retardant

It is made up with the treatment of a special chemical over a cotton cloth. This kind is also self-extinguishable if exposed to flames and various fire events due to the chemical inside.

The only difference between the two kinds is the special chemical used in the production of the latter type. However, Fire Resistant Clothing is more common in use in the Oil and Gas Industry for work purposes.


Other Safety Equipment

Other than the Fire-Resistant Fabrics mentioned above, other gears come along with the regular uniform i.e. Hard Hats, Goggles, and Overall Coats, Special Gloves and Long Hard Boots to ensure proper precautionary measures to be taken during long and night shifts.


Reasons for Safety Clothing and Equipment to be Mandatory in The Oil & Gas Industry

The labors in this profession are unacceptable if they are not using the required uniforms to conduct jobs on a regular basis. Following are the points about when to use this protective uniform in order to perform all kinds of tasks appropriately:

  • During the Drill

When you are drilling in search of oils and gases or for other purposes, the Fire-Resistant Fabric is a must to proceed safely.

  • While Accessing the Material

After you’re done with the drill and you have reached the point where you have to access or extract oil or gas from the ground; all this should be done in your complete protective gear and equipment along Fire-Resistant Clothing.

  • While Working in Wells

If you’re working in wells of oils and they require service and maintenance, the safetyuniform must not be taken off.

  • Inactive Wells

Similarly, the uniform is still required if you have to deal with some inactive wells where the oil is dead even on permanent grounds. Workers are not advised to process without the precautionary measures.

  • Active Wells

Especially, when the oil or gas well is all functional and operative; because risks of danger become higher than usual due to the presence of the materials.

  • Product Delivery

And at the end, when oil or gas has been collected and brought up to the surface ground for separation from the impure content, storage, gauged or prepared for delivery to the respected destinations.

All the points mentioned above are the conditions that eventually become the reasons why field workers in the Oil and Gas Industry must wear the Fire-Resistant Fabric uniform along with other protective gear to ensure safe and secure conditions. Whether the risks are minimal or maximum, this Flame-Resistant clothing is essential for all the work time.

The main reason for the safety clothing and equipment to be acquired is the chance of fire flashes to occur. Still, atthe professionallevel, the reasonsare very straight forward and precise. Those are:

  1. To ensure the safety and health of all the employees
  2. To create a secure culture
  3. Reduce the cost of injuries
  4. Save time
  5. Avoid accident claims
  6. And avoid fines on a governmental level

Fire flash is the most common hazard in the Industry of Oil and Gas. The other common hazard is the electric arc flash that is not experienced in this particular industry. One should know that this protective material just minimizes the risk of injuries. It does not help in eliminating the problem entirely. As this Fire-Resistant Fabric and all its types are not fireproof or something like that. They just help to give workers some leverage during extreme conditions of mishaps and accidents; escape time for workers to reach the first aid kit at their earliest and avoid serious injuries. Also, they are designed in a special way to keep the injured area due to burns under second degree or higher if the workers are not getting time to reach the safest possible place near them.

Risk is my Business’ is a very famous saying but when it comes to the workers of the Oil and Gas Industry, this particular quote is not supposed to be adopted. Keep everyone safe and stay prosperous by enabling the Safety Clothing and Equipment mandatory for the staff and employees of the Oil and Gas Industry.


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