Why we should not allow children to play Video Games

Video games like Pokemon Go, Spider-Man,  Forza Horizon, Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, Call Of Duty and many other popular games are not only fun, exciting and entertaining but are also addictive. While some video games may actually aid in improving problem-solving abilities and hand-eye coordination they may also have adverse effects on their mental health and other physical aspects. Games like Pokemon Go have hooked children to the screens and therefore it is need of time to make ourselves aware of the adverse effects that playing video games for long hours can cause.

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Weakening of muscles

Playing video games for long hours can take a toll on kids physical health. Lack of outdoor games may result in reduced physical activity that may cause obesity and muscular, postural, and skeletal disorders. Untimely meals and lack of proper sleep may also affect their health adversely. So it is really important for students to play games.

Mental challenges

Numerous studies have proved that violent games tend to make kids more aggressive and violent. Children who played games like Call of Duty, Manhunt, Grand Auto Theft, etc showed an increase in aggressive thoughts and feelings and violent behavior. Kids who play such game are less empathetic, socially awkward and emotionally callous. Most of these games are interactive and role-playing games where kids are rewarded for killing, shooting, kicking, etc. This can result in kids becoming immune to violence and thus may turn into criminals in the future.

In June 2018 gaming addiction was declared a mental health disorder by the World Health Organisation. MRI scans exhibited that gaming addiction can have a similar effect on children’s brain as that of drugs and alcohol. Addiction to gaming can lead to increased anxiety and depression among children. Children may also show social phobia. It is also responsible for poorly developed self-control system which renders children more susceptible to other types of addictions.

Lack of social life     

When a kid spends an excessive amount of time playing video games, he becomes socially isolated. Thus he may not take part in other activities like sports, reading, homework, interactions with friends and families, and other extracurricular activities. Some games may teach kids the wrong morals and values as aggression, violence, and vengeance are often rewarded. Women are portrayed as weak, helpless sexually provocative in nature. When gaming online your kid may pick up bad or abusive language from others.

Weak in studies

Academic progress can be inversely related to the time spend on playing games. Studies have shown that children who spend more time playing games tend to achieve poor grades in school. According to Prof. Terry Rabinowitz and Dr. Philip A Chan children who spent more than an hour playing games exhibit an inability to concentrate and more severe symptoms of ADHD. They also fight more with friends, argue more with teachers, and skip homework more than compared to others.

If kids are engrossed in playing games on their rides to the school, the ride may be silent but that is not what a kid needs. They need time to observe surroundings, learn, evaluate, process their thoughts, ask questions, share their anxieties and get reassurances in return. Therefore, it is very necessary that we try to strike a balance between their real and virtual worlds.

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