Why Would You Consider to Pay for Google Reviews?

Pay for Google Reviews– In recent months, there have been many incidents of companies that have been criticized online when it was revealed that they had been paying for positive reviews.

Several review websites have taken steps to remove those fake reviews from their sites, and in some cases, they have even banned the company from participating again. However, review websites aren’t the only place this has been happening. This strategy is increasingly used to complement online reputation management problems.

Oftentimes, companies have tried to pay for reviews on Google. Obviously, Google doesn’t have a reviews site, so when we say pay for Google reviews, we really mean paying for keyword-optimized reviews that will appear in Google search results or specific business reviews on Google Places. This practice has been very rewarding for companies that practice it, as it is a great way to gain exposure and traffic. Pay for Google Reviews– Get more information here SoftaCode.

Competitors who don’t pay for reviews on Google have complained a lot and harshly to the search engine giant, saying it’s a way to manipulate search rankings unfairly. When you pay for Google reviews, they say, it is misleading to both the search engine and the readers.

Does Google allow businesses to pay for Google reviews?

The only place in the Google guidelines where the question arises whether people can be paid to write reviews is in the Google Places guidelines. Since these are physical businesses, for the most part, Google sees them like real businesses. People can post reviews about these companies, either positive or negative.

Google Places guidelines are clear and state that you should not post fake reviews or exchange cash or products for reviews. The guidelines are quite specific in stating that only honest and factual reviews that are unbiased are considered helpful. They also claim that if you pay for reviews on Google Places and they find out, those reviews will be removed. This does not mean that you cannot reward customers for leaving a review; however, it can only be done after the fact and with no expectation that it will occur before the review has been left.

The impact of paying for Google reviews on SEO

Not only will Google remove your paid reviews when it finds them, but if discovered, Google’s algorithm will also drastically penalize your SEO traffic. It is extremely risky to buy Google reviews, as a future algorithm update may not only remove paid reviews but will inhibit your company’s ability to rank in organic search results. For this reason, the risk is not worth taking and your business should focus on honest ways to get customers to leave reviews. Also, you run the risk of a customer mentioning the incentive in the review, which would defeat the purpose entirely.

Can you pay people to write reviews?

No, it is illegal to buy Google reviews according to the Federal Trade Commission (FTC). If the reviewer does not disclose that you were paid to leave a review, the FTC will consider this to be an undisclosed paid endorsement and may fine you exorbitant fees for this. This includes third-party companies that offer to write reviews for companies at a price or to incentivize real customers.

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