Would it be wise to purchase a property in Golf Course Extension Road?

Golf Course Extension Road is one of the poshest localities in Gurgaon and a prime residential hub. This region has seen a notable increase in the number of projects launches and the demand for properties. Moreover, Apartments in Golf Course Extension Road are high in demand both among end-users and investors. Let us take a look at the reasons behind this.

Commercial prospects

Gurgaon is a major commercial hub with well-developed business and corporate sectors. This city houses many reputed companies from different industries and sectors. These companies offer lucrative job opportunities in the city, making it an employment hub. Golf Course Extension Road lies close to several of these localities, which is one of the reasons behind the high demand for flats in Golf Course Extension Road in recent years. Moreover, as the region is highly populated, there exists a good market for various goods and services. 


Golf Course Extension Road is located quite strategically, offering seamless connectivity to various parts of Gurgaon and the NCR. It connects to some other important roads, allowing the residents to get across to their destinations of everyday and emergency importance in a quick time. The residents of projects in Golf Course Extension Road can enjoy well-developed networks of roads, railway, and metro. Moreover, the public transport system in Gurgaon is quite good, ensuring hassle-free transport.

Civic infrastructure

The social infrastructure is alluring in Gurgaon, with plenty of civic amenities within easy access. Several reputed hospitals offer modern and reliable healthcare facilities. You can also get your children admitted to several good academic institutions. You can enjoy superb shopping amenities and recreational amenities as you can find several shopping malls, clubs, cinema halls, bars, restaurants, etc. within a close radius. This would ensure a high level of convenience for the residents as they would be able to enjoy all necessary civic amenities without having to travel around too much.

Returns on investment

All the above-mentioned factors have resulted in high demand for rental homes in this locality. The employment and business prospects, in particular, attract a large number of migrants who seek rental accommodation. As a result of this, it would be easy to find tenants for your property. Moreover, the property rates are rising too. This implies that if you buy a property in Golf Course Extension Road now, it will grow more valuable shortly and thus help you earn higher returns on investment. 

It can, therefore, be said that a property in this region is worth your money. Whether you seek it for your personal use or rental income, it would serve the purpose quite well. You should have a look at the various options and buy the home which meets your requirements. 


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