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Your favorite motorcycle jackets

From AMV Seguros, we want to give you information about the world of accessories. One of the most important garments is motorcycle jackets and you need to accompany yourself with the best!

The moment you choose to invest a quantity of money in one of them, you think about a series of relevant factors such as color, quality, comfort, attractiveness or security.

You can get one of the best motorcycle jackets, one that suits your interests based on manufacturing and functionality. Do you want to know which ones you can currently find in the market? Here, we show you the five best options.

Your favorite motorcycle jackets

1. sport.

We are facing the model most chosen by bikers: sports. What are its advantages? Basically, it is a type of very tight jacket that favors comfort on top of the vehicle.

Manufacturers usually make jackets for sport motorcycles made of leather and with great safety given the enormous resistance of the material and the protections of the garment. The problem comes at the time of rain or humidity since they are not waterproof coats.

2. Urban.

They are motorcycle jackets made to be worn around the city due to their elegance and comfort. They can be used and combined with everyday clothing, which makes them one more compliment to your urban clothing.

3. On tour.

specially designed for long distances with maximum comfort. Versatility and practicality are its main characteristics. They are made for people who travel a lot because they offer great ventilation, portability, and waterproofness.

4. Waterproof

We talk about the “rain” calls. They are designed to be completely lightweight for the rider’s body.

5. Adventure.

They stand out for the large number of pockets they have, their waterproofness and practicality. It is the perfect complement for your long trips. There are different materials, according to your needs.

Ready for motorcycle jackets?

You just saw the jason statham jacket hobbs and shaw most used by bikers today. Remember that the most important thing is that you choose the one that you like the most and that suits your needs.

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